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Can't attend in person - here is how you can do the class

All my upcoming classes are also available to those that are unable to attend - I will mail the kits to you and have video/written instructions on completing it.

Cancellation Policy -if you find you are unable to attend a class that you have registered for, your completed projects will be mailed/delivered to you after the class, and you will be liable for the class supply fee.

I offer classes and workshops at my home or yours, cost is $15 per person.

I do need you to reserve your spot at least two days prior to the class date, this enables me to ensure I have sufficient supplies.

Contact me at email: for any information regarding classes.

Previous Classes:

Previous Classes:

What is awesome about this class - there is no set time to do it :-) I will be mailing you the kit (pre-stamped and colored) and you will be able to put it together at your leisure - order two kits and have a friend come over and make the cards over a cup of coffee..... email me for details: (cost is the standard $15 and includes shipping)

Remember this awesome fella ?

Previous Classes:

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